Wednesday, 18 December 2019

they wont let anyone come even as a tourist.its,

 they wont let anyone come even as a tourist.its

 very hard to come

from any country in Latin America, with the possible exception of Argentina

and, um, weve been together for three years.he was my boyfriend for

three years and then, weve been married... a little over two months.and i, im

in the United States and my husbands in Ecuador because, the United States

government wont let him come here.but hopefully, his paper work will go

through, because i believe that once someone gets married, they should

automatically get, a conditional permanent residence.three years ago i

participated in the program Amigos de las Americas which means friends of the

Americas.its a volunteer organization, based in Houston Texas.its similar to

the Peace Corps except that its for shorter time periods, and its basically

targeted, at people in high school or, the early college years.what it is, is

they send out those students who know Spanish or Portuguese depending on what

country you go to.they send them, to different countries in Latin America to

do community service work.they have different they have many different

projects.there are many different projects.they have community sanitation

project,s in which the volunteers build latrines and do community service

talks.they also have projects in which volunteers, actually give vaccines to

humans.i think that project is based in Paraguay.then, the project i

participated in was rabies vaccination, which is in Ecuador.its actually, kind

of interesting how i decided to participate in the point in my life at

which i went to in which i participated in Amigos, i was very interested in

human i really wanted to do human vaccinations, which would have

meant i would have gone to Paraguay.but as it turns out that the program was

filled and so i had to decide what program i wanted to participate in.i wa- i,

um ive also been very interested in animals and loved them my whole life, so

going to Ecuador looked good.but i wasnt still quite sure about that.but then,

since when i was in sixth grade, i did a report on Ecuador and i absolutely

fell in love with it, that was what, basically tied the... knot and made me

want to go to, i went to Ecuador and i did rabies vaccinations for

eight weeks.we also taught English for a little bit.and we did many, um,

charales [a Spanish word] which would be kind of like informational talks,

about dental hygiene, sanitation, we also planted some gardens

and did talks about that.we talked about rabies, the dangers of smoking, and

we made a big huge mural with, a lot paintings at the elementary school, and

we got to meet a lot of nice people.that was actually how i met my who is now

the man who is now my, i, highly recommend the program but hahaha

not really for that reason, but its a very good program.anyone whos interested

in going to Latin America, and has a... strong interest in community service i

would definitely recommend that they participate.i have a really interesting

story that i would like to tell boyfriend and i were supposed to get

together for spring break.he was supposed to go to the university where i was

studying to visit me.but he couldnt get a visa, so he couldnt, um, leave his

country.hes from Ecuador, and i was studying in the United he called

me on Thursday night, to tell me that he couldnt come.and i was very upset. we

were both very upset because we had been planning, all along he would come.i

had been studying really hard and trying to get a lot of work done so that i

would have a lot of time to spend with him, when he got here.well as it turns

out he couldnt come.but, the following week starting Monday after the Thursday

he had called, was our spring break, so, in my head i started planning right

away after we stopped, calling that i could maybe surprise i since id

already got a lot of work done, this wasnt going to be too bad, but i still

had a paper to i spent all Friday night writing the paper.i got it