Wednesday, 18 December 2019

ouTube screens.

ouTube screens.

If you click on that, you have the optionto go to YouTube

Studio.This is currently in beta, but will becomethe standard as 2019

progresses.This is the dashboard, or homepage,of the new Creator Studio, and

to upload captionsyou will need to go to videos.This will show you your most

recent videos.So, for a video that you do have captions for,click on that

video and thengo to the Advanced tab at the top.In the dead center of the

screen,you should see Subtitles and CC for original video language.YouTube

should usually automatically try andcaption your videos, but it never does a

perfect job.So, if you have gone to the troubleof captioning your videos, or

used a professional servicesuch as, youll have a file that you wantto

upload to your video, and you can do ithere with the UPLOAD SUBTITLES/CC

link.Choose whether or not your captions filehas timing or not, and when you

click on continue,it will ask you to upload a file.The YouTube caption system

supportsmany different file languages, some of whichyou can see on screen

now.For more information, do look at the support page.A link is in the video

description.Once you select your captions document,it should automatically add

it to the videowhere you can press save.But what if you dont have a captions

fileand you want to download the oneautomatically created from YouTube?Well,

you can by clicking on the three dotsnext to the caption and then selecting

Download.And this will download the fileas an .sbv format to your

computer.Once downloaded, you should be able toopen the file with any type of

notepad programsuch as Notepad++, and then you canmake changes to it, perfect

the grammar,change the spelling, make sure everything looks right,and then

re-upload it to YouTubeas a perfectly captioned video.So, why should you use

captionsand subtitles in your videos?Well, first of all, it gives the viewera

better experience of your content.To find out just how people used subtitles

on your videos,go to the Creator Studio and thenyour channel-wide

analytics.Click on the BUILD AN AUDIENCE taband scroll to the bottom, and here

you will seejust how many people are at using subtitles.In our case, 10% of

our audience watch videoswith subtitles or captions.So, were giving a large

portion of our audiencea better experience, and hopefully bringing inmore

people who can enjoy our content.Another thing to remember is that more and

morepeople are watching YouTube videos via a mobile device,which means that

the listening conditions may not be ideal.If theyre on a busy bus, or out in

townand its just too much noise, they would prefer possiblyto watch the video

with captions and subtitles on.And finally consider this, with captions,you

can use them for Facebook and Twitter videos,where the audio is usually turned

offby default when it also plays.And so, having captions on there helps grab

the viewer,and then they may turn on the audioand watch the rest of your

video.Now, one thing to bear in mind as I record this video,there are still