Wednesday, 18 December 2019

one more time.and my sister asks him

one more time.and my sister asks him

to ask my uncle Howard to please let him

use the Steve gets out.he is been very good-natured throughout

this all.he gets out, and he asks my uncle Howard if he could please use the

bathroom.well by this time, my uncles gotten very very upset and he told him,

just go out back! and so St- then my uncle was quite mad and Steve, obviously

didnt want to go to the bathroom behind my grandparents, he came back

to the car and hes like, i dont think that this is a good joke to keep

doing.hes getting really mad at me. so, Laurel, my sister, and i, finally got

out of the car and we went over and we were like, Uncle Howard, surprise. and

then so we all had to laugh about this and, to this day this is one of the

funniest jokes cuz its the day, everyone finally got back at uncle Howard.our

family cat, Snickers, is not very friendly at all.she is actually probably one

of the least friendly actually the other day my sister had to take

her to the vet, because she had i dont know if she got cut or she was my sister took her to the vet.and she also needed to get some while they were at the vet place, Snickers was okay because it was

just my sister and Snickers in the when the vet entered and wanted to

put Snickers on the little examination table and, take her blood because she

thought she might have feline leukemia.well Snickers didnt like that and she

started like, kind of, meow, and she started hissing and trying to move all

over and she started trying to scratch.the veterinarian, which she couldnt

even do because she was declawed on her first, front paws.but, she just kept

trying to... gnarl and, hiss and trying to get away from the the vet

had to leave, and she got back, and first she just put on this little muzzle

so that Snickers couldnt bite her.and that worked a little bit. but Snickers

was still moving around and she kept, making loud noises and trying to get the vet had to go and get two now there were two helpers,

with a little muzzled cat just to take out blood for her.that pretty much

describes for how Snickers is.

HelloNow I am going to show how to cultivate Mushroom.These are grow up

Mushrooms cultivated by me.Now I will show the mushroom cultivation from the

beginning.These are dry plant of paddy.Watch the video carefullyhow I am

processing the paddy plant for mushroom cultivation.Cutting the paddy plant

into small sizes of 1 to 1.5 inch.To process the haywith water give one tea

spoon formalin andhalf tea spoon carbendazimin this water mixture keep the hay

for 6 to 12 hour.After wetting the hayTo dry the water I have kept the bucket

with the hay upside down for 6 hourThe water should be dried very well so that

not a single drop came out if squeezed.These are mushroom seeds or spawn.How

to get these mushroom seed or spawn?In your localitycontact ADO (agriculture

development office)They will tell you from where you will get mushroom seed or

spawn.small hole should be made on the polythene cylinder at 4 inch each on top and bottom and 4 in the middle portion in every the cylinder should be placed on a wooden shelf or should be hanged

by a rope.I am placing the cylinder on a wooden shelf.situation after 7

daysAfter 27 daysyou can see the mushroom are grown upnow they are ready to

collectlike this you can get mushroom three time from each cylinder.Thanks all

of you for watching the video patiently.

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