Wednesday, 18 December 2019

done about Saturday and i had to be in New York to leave,

done about Saturday and i had to be in New York to leave

to fly to Ecuador at

about eight i really hurried up, ran and printed out the paper that

i had to turn in, and packed up my bags and, got to Newark to New York.and

then so all the way in the plane im thinking how am i gonna surprise him.whats

the best way to do it? how would it be nicest.and i met some really nice

people on the plane, and so we were talking about this.and i just kept getting

more and more by the time i got to Ecuador i was really really

excited.i got there probably at about six or seven in the morning, which was

the good i got on a little trolley, I got on the bus and i made it to

the city where my, boyfriend lived.and, then i was still trying to decide how

i was going to do it.and so, i got in a taxi and i had to try to find my way

to this place.well, first i had told him, that the, um, the place at first i

told him that i needed to go to a little store that was on Guaquille

we drove up and down Guaquille Street and we didnt see the little

then i was thinking that maybe i had the name wrong, because it had been a

while since i was there.and so i was like well, i dont think its this name,

but and i was trying to tell him more less where it was at.because i had

remembered, remembered going by it before.and so then finally it turns out

that it was on Galapagos Street.and so we made it to the store.and he dropped

me off, and i got out.and since i got there on Sunday, the store was

i went to a little grocery store, that was right beside the package place.and,

i had one of the people from the grocery store call, my boyfriend to tell him

that he had a package to pick up, and, to ask him if he could get here as soon

as possible because she had to go away to go on a i was inside the

little grocery store, which is right by the package agency.and i was all

nervous and getting excited that he was going to be coming.and everyone the

other people who were in the grocery store were also getting kind of, excited

because they saw that i was so excited.and so finally my, boyfriend drove

up.and they told me the little store had the grocery store in front and the

little house in the they told me to go into the little house so that

my boyfriend wouldnt see me.and so my boyfriend got out of the car and he saw

that the package agency was closed.and so one of the, um, ladies from the

store went over to the package agency and told him that, since the lady had to

leave early, she had left the package inside their house.and so, sh- she kept

trying to get him to go inside the store and then to go inside their house.but

he was getting kind of nervous because everyone was laughing at he

didnt really want to go out, or go inside the then, i finally saw him

and i walked out and im like hi. and, i was so happy and, excited to see him

and i think he was also happy and excited.but he was just kind of

speechless.he didnt really say anything, but it was just really really nice to

see him and, it made for a very very nice week.a lot better than, the week

would have been had i had just stayed at school all by uncle Howard

is a big practical joker.but one time my sister and i got him, it was

last summer and a friend of mine from New York came to visit me at my house in

northern Michigan.and, he had actually arrived in an airport in Detroit which

is farther on his way back from the airport, my sister and i asked

him to drop us off at my grandma and grandpas house.which is probably two

hours from my house and two hours from Detroit, right in the, we

were on our way to my grandparents house, and as just about, as we were about

to pull in the drive way, my sister had this great idea for how to surprise my she told me to duck under the seat so that they wouldnt see my

sister and i were hiding in the seat.and in pulls Steve in his little Steves

my friends name, in pulls Steve in his little car.and so Steve got out, of the

car and he went to ask my uncle Howard for directions for how to get to

Detroit.and my uncle Howard looked at him kind of weird, because Detroit was

a, was probably about two hours away from my grandparents house.but he thought

that was, okay, and he told him Steve walks back to the car.and

then my sister, pops up and she tells him, go ask him for a drink of water. so

Steve walks out again and he asks my uncle Howard for a drink of water.well,

my uncle says all right and he takes, him inside and my grandma gives him a

glass of water and, they talk for a little bit about whatever, that Steves on

his way to Detroit and what he did on his vacation and, hes kind of making

things up.and so far my uncle isnt too Steve comes back out to the car